What Happened in 2012...


Hi everyone, life has been extremely busy in the last few months. We have been though our main lambing drop with a mixed result (numbers) mainly because of a worm issue we didn’t identify until it was too late, this mainly affected our X-breed animals.

We had Dirk back home for a short trip to grade our hogget’s both ram and ewes that we had carried over. This was with very good result for us. It was also good in the sense that we had graded them ourselves before he arrived so we could compare grading with the expert and overall we had done pretty well.

The boy’s have been busy with schooling and training for cadets regional skills competition , their team won that and then had to compete in the national event in Auckland against the northern and southern region winners.  They went really well, but didn’t quite win, let’s wait and see how they perform next year.

With both of us holding full-time positions it has been a busy time, also a major part of our stock had picked up pink eye (yes in the middle of winter) and this is not fun with lambs at foot.

So we decided that bugger it! We are off on holiday. So we flicked a dear friend an email to visit. So a plan was set.  Off to Perth for a few days and then boarded a cruise ship for a relaxing trip home, via the bottom of Aussie, Hobart, Milford Sounds and up the east coast of the south island back to Wellington a total of 4100 Nautical miles.

Back to the Farming report.

We were luck enough to make contact with Adrian Veitch before heading over and he agreed that we could visit his farm this was two and half hours outside of Perth.

Where do we start? Background first Adrian and family started breeding Dorpers in 1999 and all of you out there are most likely know of him or his studs name Kaya.

He would properly be the Mr Dorper of Australia. Been Dr Adrian Veicth (Veterinarian ) his Business is artificial breeding Company established in 1987. Check out his Website http://www.allstockwa.com.au/   They inseminate approximately 15,000 sheep a year though out Australia and the world.

Adrian showed us around his property (700ha).  Showing us different groups of sheep. Ewes with lambs at foot, weaned lambs both rams and ewes. Top line rams and some ewes that he had just sold at his annual production farm sale (two days before we arrived).

It was great to just chat about farming, dorpers to white dorper, breeding programs and the list goes on and on.

As Dorper breeders and what Dirk had been teaching us, it was fantastic to see hundreds of top line quality animals in a short time. Now after viewing the Kaya stock the initial thoughts was that we are a long way behind and have a long road to go. But we also appreciate that we are on the right track and with the right decisions at the right time with the correct material we can close the gap quickly as we do have some animals that are comparable and our lamb drop this year are our best by far. We also need to remember, that Kaya Stud has been going for 13 years and inseminate hundreds of animals a year, so they should be miles ahead of us as they are!

There’s the odd questions that keep coming up about dorpers in NZ, but there are answers to them but no quick fix’s.

He also showed us his best dorper ram that he believed that was the best in Australia, but he may have sold him “what a beast of an animal”.

Some quick interesting points, which was discussed over the visit:

  • That Dorper are more popular than White Dorpers in Australia;

  • Dorpers have a higher lambing percentage than whites;

  • White dorpers have a better natural resistance to footrot etc, than dorpers;

  • He has had better white dorper than dorpers for years but they have now caught up;

  • Shedding has been a issue for years for him (as it has been in NZ);

He said that he had a ram years ago that had 1,2 foot score and we have one now so maybe it is far more rarer than we had thought, but we did know it wasn’t common.

Thank you, Adrian and family for allowing us to visit your farm and your home.  We were both buzzing, after visiting your property and it was a highlight of our trip and our trip was fantastic.

For more information visit their site www.kayadorper.com.au


First Half of 2012

On the 10 April 2012 lambing has started for JR Stud.  Late last year, we put 16 of our appendix flock (crossbreds) out with our MFC ram and our first set of twins arrived on 10 April 2012.  We have now finished lambing  our Appendix Flock and have 27 lambs from 16 ewes, not a bad percentage.  

On the 21 May Carl from Agscan scanned 96 ewes, we had a few dries this year, our expected lambing percentage is 140% lambing.  Lambing starts early August.

On 21 March 2012, Ross Edwards from Premier Breeding Services came back this year and he AI'ed 22 of our stud ewes.  We used two different straws this year, Son of a Gun from Amarula Dorpers and Krackerjack from Winrae Dorpers (both Australian breeders).   16 ewes scanned as being pregnant using AI, we are expecting 20 lambs.


Dirk Buitendag - January 2012

During the middle of January we were lucky enough to have Dirk Buitendag come and stay with us.  Dirk has a wealth of knowledge of Dorpers having owned his own farm in Zimbabwe and having one of the largest founding flocks.

Dirk's Dorper flock was one of the top flock in Zimbabwe and he won the Zimbabwe National Dorper championships between 1973 and 1998 (these competitions were held bi-annually) for his stud Dorper Sheep.

He was a reowned Judge for several years for The Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society of South Africa.


Over the past couple of months we have been putting our ram out to our crossbred ewes, we have some birthing in April and the second group will be due in June


Dorper Article in the Straight Furrow

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