What happened during 2011


Lambing is over ... we have had 39 ram lambs and 44 ewe lambs.


On the 3rd of December the Annual Dorper Sale is being held at Manfeild Park in Feilding, viewing starts at 11am and auction begins at 1pm.


Andre Lubbe has reported that the sale has produced the following sales "We had a good Dorper Sale at Feilding last Saturday with the results attached. Congratulations to Christine Reed with the highest price ram of $1600 for her Blackhead ram. It seem to me it is really a winning year for the "All Blacks". The highest price for a White Dorper ram was $1500 from Dynamic Dorpers. 24 of the 28 rams on offer sold for a average of $881.


The ewes went very well and all 14 purebred ewes on offer sold, for a average of $707. The highest price for ewes was for a '08 White Dorper ewe and her twin lambs for $1100 from Dynamic Dorpers."


Check out the feature article that the Straight furrow run... http://straightfurrow.realviewtechnologies.com/?xml=Straight_Furrow&iid=56880 check out page 14.

All our other lambs are coming along nicely, we have already weaned about 20 ram lambs (a mixture of cross breeds and pures) as they are getting a bit too big and they are eyeing up their Mums, which is not a good sign!

During early November, we had an Auckland stock agent in to look at our sheep, he is exporting 32 ewe lambs and three rams lambs over to Brazil to his purchaser.  He selected six of our ewe lambs, see the photos under our stock, shearing, as our resident shearer (Jo's Dad) took the wool of the six lambs for us, this is one of the MAF requirements.  The lambs left our place and are now in Auckland in quarantine as they have a diet of grain before they jump on the plane and head to Brazil.


The second lot of lambing started on 6 August and we have 19 ewes to lamb during this week, including 16 ewes that were successfully mated using the AI procedure (these are due on 10 August).  We are expecting 26 lambs.


On the 29 July 2011, we brought 17 crossbred ewes with 30 lambs at foot, these animals were from the recently disestablished Highview Stud.  These animals will be a nice additional to our flock and will be the start of our appendix flock.  The lambs range in age between 3-5 weeks old and there are 14 ewe lambs which will be available for sale at a later stage.  Photos of this flock to be added.

The first flock started lambing on 15 July and 14 ewes lambed 18 lambs and only two lambs did not survive.  The weather was perfect for the week, one of the lambs that did not survive was due to the fact that she was born on the morning that the temperature was -2oC.


23 July - our remaining ewes were scanned by Carl, 32 ewes are expecting 51 lambs.  Dates for these lambs range from middle of September until early November.  Amongst the ewes there is one carrying triplets, this is the second year in a row she has had triplets.


This year all our ewes that were put to the ram (except for one 2010 lamb) is due to lamb.  We have nine 2010 lambs (September born) and have a strike rate of 100% in lamb (one is carrying twins and one was dry).  Our first 2010 lamb has already lambed and she is a very good protective Mum and her lamb is doing well.


Lambing has started, we purchased three inlamb ewes from Highview Dorpers. Two ewes have now had their lambs, only one left to go.   

21/22 May - NZ Dorper Society's Annual General Meeting was held in Masterton

14 May - 41 ewes have been scanned, we are expecting 54 lambs . 

1 May - MFC Ram put out with the remaining 20 ewes

16 March - 24 ewes AI'ed

Late February - MFC ram put out with the ewes